Left wing parties to establish an alliance

Representatives of the New Cyprus Party (YKP) and the United Cyprus Party (BKP) met with the Turkish Cypriot Teacher’s Trade Union (KTOS) to discuss ways to establish an alliance on the basis of contributing to the communal struggle.

In statements during the meeting, Sener Elcil general secretary of KTOS, stated, inter alia, that they had decided to undertake their responsibilities in the political sense and added that “There is an alternative for the Turkish Cypriots”.

Elcil pointed out that considering that the community’s identity, culture, religious perception and existence is under threat from Turkey, he stated that there is inevitably, the need for them to establish a wide-principled union for their salvation. He added that the Turkish Cypriots have no alternatives right now and added that the trade union has undertaken the initiative to unify patriotic powers.

Elcil expressed also the view that the unification of these powers will reflect positively on the solution of the Cyprus problem and the peace process in Cyprus.

Also speaking, Izzet Izcan, chairman of the United Cyprus Party (BKP) stressed the need for the establishment of a widely-extended alliance and explained that its aim will be to protect the existence of the Turkish Cypriot community, to defend the worker’s rights and to contribute for the peace and democracy in the country.

In his turn Murat Kanatli, organising secretary of the New Cyprus Party (YKP) said, inter alia, that they took the responsibility to forge a common path.

Saying that the establishment of a widely-extended union is necessary for the solution of the Cyprus problem, Kanatli added that the establishment of an organisation such as the “This Country is Ours’ Platform” [Bu Memleket Bizim Platformu] is necessary in order to produce mechanisms for the solution of their daily problems.

This will be a political movement aiming to change the system”, Kanatli added.


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