Legislation on food safety standards inadequate

Food safety testing results by the state agricultural department laboratory are erratic at best, according to the head of the Chamber of Food Producers Naile Soyel.

TRNC laws have not been amended to include the improved EU testing standards for pesticide residues which were introduced four years ago and adopted by many countries including Turkey. Additionally, the TRNC’s state laboratory, which was burned out last December ago, is still not fully up and running.

There is a need to catch up with new international regulations and technological developments, he said. Soyel has pointed out that the same issues have been spoken about for many years, adding that this is the main reason for the lack of public confidence in food safety.

Rectifying Legal Deficiencies

Soyel continued:

“This process encompasses the updating and implementation of all laws and regulations relating to food, including the Code of Conduct, starting with the General Food Safety Act, the effective coordination of supervision of the food chain, public awareness through the principals of transparency and traceability. These measures are still not taken seriously”.


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