Leicester Uni to hold archaeological dig inside Akrotiri airbase

Archaeologists from the University of Leicester will conduct a small-scale archaeological dig at Dreamer’s Bay inside the UK’s Akrotiri airbase between 9 – 23rd September.

The continuous erosion of the sea is threatening to destroy the 1,500 year old site on the shore.

“This site, a late Roman/early Byzantine harbour complex, is a significant part of the heritage of the Akrotiri Peninsula, and has been known about for some decades but not adequately explored and documented,” an announcement from the University said.

The archaeological project is being led by the University of Leicester School of Archaeology & Ancient History in close collaboration with a range of other partners, stakeholders and authorities, it added.

Simon James, Professor of Archaeology at Leicester, said: “We aim to conduct a rescue excavation on wave-threatened heritage remains along the shoreline, in the form of a series of simple masonry buildings, probably warehouses, which appear to belong to the port which existed here in late Roman/early Byzantine times, probably between AD 300 and 600. “These structures are being rapidly eroded by the sea during winter storms,” he added.

Cyprus Mail

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