Lemar presents Tulips with big cheque

On the 13th June 2017, Lemar presented representatives of Tulips/Help Those With Cancer Association with a cheque for 5,775.10TL. This is the result of the Lemar/Tulips Loyalty card which was initially launched in March 2016 whereby everyone who presented their loyalty card to the Lemar cashier on payment for their goods would receive a discount of 3% themselves plus a further 2% of the total would be donated to Tulips. This did not include cigarettes, newspapers, magazines and most alcohol.

Tulips had received 2,250TL on 24 August 2016 so to date this scheme has raised a fabulous 8,025.10TL.

Tulips would like to remind everyone who has a card to keep using it, as every item, however small you may think it is, is money going to help Tulips. It doesn’t matter how little your bill is as ‘every kurus’ counts, you are helping cancer patients.


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