Let’s Do it – Clean up North Cyprus

A clean-up campaign called “Let’s Do It – North Cyprus” has been launched. The aim is for volunteers from all sectors of TRNC society to get involved and help with the clean up on 5th June.

“Let’s Do It” is a non-political initiative which began in Estonia in 2008 with the  aim to cleaning up the country thoroughly in only one day, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Earlier this week, attending a meeting of the Environmental Platform which has helped to launch the campaign, President Eroglu said:

“Environmental pollution has reached a level which disturbs every single one of us. It is very important that society becomes united for this cause. I invite every citizen to join the campaign on the 5th of June, World Environment Day”.

Eroglu announced that all Presidential personnel will get leave on 5th June to do their bit and contribute to cleaning up the country.

The campaign is being launched in cooperation with state and private sectors and will be supported by mobile phone companies, unions and chambers, banks, vocational organizations and universities.

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