Letter to Downer from 16 North Cyprus NGO’s

The NGO’s represent a wide range of opinion in the TRNC and include, the Chamber of Commerce, the Tourism and Travel Agents Association, Employers Association as well as most of the major unions.

The main point of the letter is to protest to Downer that Anastasiades cannot arbitrarily proclaim that he will be starting negotiations afresh and will not be bound by any previous commitments.

These organisations feel that Anastasiades should not be allowed to throw away all previous commitments. They state that the Greek Cypriots are playing for time and point out that the TRNC has been suffering under embargoes for decades and will not tolerate starting negotiations from scratch.

The letter concludes that the citizens of the TRNC are losing patience and that unless a solution is reached by early 2014 at the latest, it may well be too late. By then, they believe  that the Turkish Cypriots will have lost any goodwill towards a solution.

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