Lift embargoes on TRNC and help solve Cyprus problem: Eroglu says

President Eroglu attended a working dinner in Cairo last night. The dinner was hosted by the Turkish Ambassador to Cairo and was attended by many politicians, business men and others.

During the dinner, President Eroglu gave a speech about negotiations over the Cyprus problem and then answered questions. He said that if the Islamic Cooperation Organisation (IIT) implemented the resolutions it had taken on Cyprus, this would help the negotiation process. The Greek Cypriots would then be more motivated to reach a solution.

Mr Eroglu said that the negotiations would enter a new phase with the election of a new president for South Cyprus. He hoped that a conclusion would be reached during this new phase. He said that since 2010 he had participated in 5 summit meetings, with no success. The previous president Talat had had a similar experience.

Mr Eroglu said that the EU and the UN needed to lift the embargoes on the TRNC, that way reaching an agreement would be more likely; until then the Greek Cypriots would continue saying no.

In response to a question, Mr Eroglu said that the TRNC had as much right to the oil and gas around Cyprus as the South. He continued that while the Greek Cypriots could protest, at some stage, they would accept that oil and gas would need to be exported through Turkey.

Currently there are plans to construct a terminal and gas liquefying plant in the south in order to transport liquid gas by ships. The Greek Cypriot Green party is vehemently opposed to this operation.

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