Lions Club Hosts Online Discussion on Mental Health

Lions Club - Online Conference on Mental Health

Tuesday, 18 October 2022

The ten Lions Clubs of the Turkish Cypriot Community discussed mental health with Clinical Psychologist Türkmen Töre.

The online event was hosted by Young Professionals Cyprus Virtual, a specialty club on social awareness, education, and culture.

The Lions Clubs* in the undistricted northern region of Cyprus organised a virtual meeting to create social awareness of Mental Health. Specialist Clinical Psychologist Türkmen Töre joined the meeting as the guest speaker and delivered his presentation on adaptation problems in life cycles, behaviours, confrontation, and coping with problems. 

The Lions Clubs of the Mağusa Kale, Girne Vatan, Lefkoşa Başkent, İskele Sahil, Lefkoşa Sarayönü, Mağusa Mesarya, Nicosia New Generation, Mağusa Ravelin and Lefkoşa Kuzey Kıbrıs attended the virtual meeting as co-organising clubs.

Moderated both by Fikret Şendil and Arda Çileker, the virtual meeting also welcomed the members of the Lions Club from Turkey.

*As of today, the northern part of Cyprus has 18 Lions Clubs and more than 500 members, yet Lions Clubs International only acknowledges the Turkish Cypriot Community as an undistricted area due to the ongoing political matters of Cyprus. 

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