Little reason to celebrate World Environmental Day

The TRNC suffers far worse environmental problems than in developed countries, the Chamber of Environmental Engineers (KTMMOB) says.

Despite projects which have been funded by the EU, such as urban waste disposal facilities built over the past ten years, at Dikmen and Güngör, there still needs to be more work on the disposal of liquid and solid waste matter and industrial pollution.

KTMMOB said it was up to the task, but government had to allocate money for such projects.

The organisation blames governments past and present, for acting only with short term gains in mind and doing nothing to protect the environment for future generations.

Meanwhile the Peoples’ Party (HP) has said there was little to celebrate on World Environment Day. The HP’s message was that unplanned building, highways damaging the environment, profit as the sole driver and continuous unmanaged quarrying in the mountains were part on the ongoing environmental problem for the TNRC. Poor waste management and the uncontrolled use of pesticides in agriculture was another neglected issue.

The government, the HP, said did not even apply existing laws on the environment.

We will never see improvement in our quality of life in Cyprus unless we make the environment one of our priority issues.”

The HP message went on to say that it believes that environmental problems can be solved by using science, technology, design, governance and sanctions.

Our environmental policies are based on good governance of human and financial resources, control and sanctions, We are working with people who are experts in ways to reduce the effect [of pollution]. We would like to remind that by promoting environmentally compatible investments, it is possible for the economy to grow in a system where projects can be implemented using environmentally friendly practices.”

Kibris Gazetesi, Kibris Postasi

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