Little Support For Presidential System in TRNC

A survey across the country has shown that there is little support for a presidential system in the TRNC. The idea of changing from a parliamentary system to a presidential one has been mooted frequently in recent days.

A poll of 617 people by survey company Target shows that only 20% of those surveyed supported a presidential system while, 76% said they were against it. The remainder were neutral or undecided.

Men are more supportive

The presidential system, which was implemented in Turkey, was supported by 39.8% of the male voters who participated in the survey but only 27.4% female voters supported the transition.

The over 55’s support the idea of a presidency

In addition, the age group most supportive of the presidential system were those aged over 55 at 28.6%. The least supportive group, with only 7.1% in favour, was the 18-24 age group. It is clear that young people are against the presidential system in comparison to older citizens.

Most support in Iskele

In the regional distribution, out of six towns which were surveyed, Iskele showed the highest support for a presidential system with 44.4%, while the least supportive region was Girne with 6.3%. Nicosia, and Famagusta were in the middle rank.


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