Local council seeks demolition order for part of new hotel

Construction has been halted on the former Zeyco Olive Mill in Karoglanoglu because the building has gone past the four storeys permitted.

Currently owned by the Kaya Artemis Hotel group, the converted mill now reaches seven storeys.

At a press conference, local council leader Nidai Gungordu said that the company had ignored local council regulations and had continued to build above the permitted level during the Bayram period. The council will apply to the court for a demolition order for the extra floors, he said.

Gungordu said “the council was not opposed to the construction of hotels, student accommodations or hospitals as they were economically beneficial to the town; however this did not mean that people were free to do whatever they wanted, wherever they wanted”. The hotel group should abide by the rules, he said.

There has been an issue with buildings over ten storeys since I came to office. Following a study, construction of such buildings was reduced to seven floors and five floors depending on their location.”

The council chief added that town planning made a positive contribution to the area and had taken into account local opinion. He pointed out that the building rules were clear and now a demolition order would be sought.

It doesn’t make me happy to do this, but at the same time, we are unhappy that the investor has disregarded the rules here. We will take every measure necessary, and any extra additions which do not conform to the rules will be demolished”, Gungordu said.

Kibris News Agency

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