Local councils form company to manage Turkish water supply

28 municipalities have established a company – KKTC BESKI, to manage the water supply soon to be piped in from the Turkish mainland.

At a press conference, the chairman of BESKI Ahmet Benli said that they had prepared a project for domestic and utility water supply and drainage. The project aims to complete the network in three years’ time and canalisation in ten years.

Noting that they will need TL391 million to invest in the above-mentioned projects, Benli noted that the municipalities are currently responsible for the distribution of water to 132 thousand points in the TRNC.

He pointed out that the municipalities face economic problems, which will increase if the provision of services in the water sector is taken away from them and the burden of paying the workers in this sector continues to be on their shoulders.

Meanwhile, the project director, Dervis Kemal Deniz said that according to the information they could acquire, the annual demand for drinking and utility water in the TRNC is 32 million cubic meters.

However, following the Municipalities Union announcement of their wish to manage the water from Turkey, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Hakan Dinçyürek said that management of water from Turkey could not be handled by the Municipalities Union.

Speaking during a TV program the Minister said “I guess what they meant was the daily operations concerning the distribution of water. Management of water is state’s duty and as the Ministry Environment and Natural Resources is the related authority coordination committee for water will be established under our auspices. Therefore, as one of the stakeholders, Municipalities will of course be on this committee, but they will not carry out the management of water by themselves”.

Dinçyürek then went on to say that their target was to provide 24 hours running water to every household and added that if everything goes according to, water will arrive on 20th July 2015.

Kibris Gazetesi, Kibris Postasi

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