Local councils must be involved in water management

The issue of managing water from Turkey cannot be solved without the participation of the councils and local authorities, President Mustafa Akinci has said.

Akinci was speaking to a delegation from a visiting trade union platform and said that his position on the issue was clear.

The President also added that if the water project was made sustainable, then this would bring new horizons for the TRNC and that Cyprus could become a hub in the Mediterranean. “Imagine at one end, an energy corridor from Cyprus to Europe via Turkey and water flowing to the island and perhaps even to the Middle East. All these might appear to be a dream at the moment but we need such dreams and we need to work hard to make these dreams come true. Peace can only be possible through such interdependence”, he said.

Akinci also stated that more care and attention was needed to be shown towards improving Turkish Cypriot institutions and enabling them to stand on their own two feet. “The arrival of the water from Turkey is very important but just because we have water from Turkey does not and should not mean that we should neglect our own resources. We need to conserve every drop of water in these lands”, he said, adding that parliament and the government needed to reach an agreement on this issue and prepare the necessary legislation as soon as possible.

Arslan Bicakli, who spoke on behalf of the platform said that they were not disturbed by the arrival of water from Turkey but stressed that the water must be managed by the TRNC. “We do have the qualified experts in the TRNC who can manage electricity, water and telecommunications”, he commented.

Bayak TV

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