Local Election Results Announced

The results of Sunday’s municipal elections are as follows:

CTP 10, Independents (BGM) 9, UBP 7, TDP 1, DP 1, HP 0, YDP 0.
Independent candidates won 9 out of 28 municipalities in the TRNC.

According to the Supreme Election Board (YSK), 71.4% of 191,153 eligible voters cast their votes at 734 ballot boxes.

The turnout stood at 58.55% in the capital Nicosia, 70.68% in Famagusta, 68.6% in Kyrenia, 71.9% in Güzelyurt, 77.73% in Yeni Iskele and 81% in Lefke.

According to the results, TDP candidate Mehmet Harmancı was re-elected as the Mayor of the capital Nicosia for a second term.

Independent candidate Ismail Arter was re-elected for a second term in Famagusta and Independent candidate Nidai Güngördü was re-elected for a second term in Kyrenia.

The National Unity Party candidate (UBP) Mahmoud Özçınar was re-elected for a 6th term in Güzelyurt, UBP candidate Hasan Sadıkoğlu was re-elected for a second term in Yeni Iskele and Independent candidate Aziz Kaya was re-elected for a second term in Lefke.


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