Local Mayor Charged With Credit Card Fraud

North Cyprus News - Mayor Sennaroglu - Arrested (1)The Mayor of Büyükkonuk Ahmet Sennaroğlu, Halil Sennaroğlu and Ahmet Barış Sağlamer appeared at the Famagusta District Court today on charges of “circulating falsified documents, the impersonation of another and obtaining monies by fraud“. They were all remanded in custody for two days.  

The Police Press Officer made the following statement: 

Senmar Trading Ltd. operating in Bafra in 2018 and 2019. By the unauthorized use of credit card machines allocated to the company at its premises, unauthorized use of credit card information belonging to persons abroad, through a mail order system and internet banking, using the point of sale device on the accounts of the persons, even though no purchases were actually made by the cardholders, it was determined that a total of 214,230 TL was paid for 160 transactions, fake documentation was issued and money was obtained by fraud. Ahmet Sennaroğlu (E-35), Halil Sennaroğlu (E-31) and Ahmet Barış Sağlamer (E-44) were arrested within the scope of the investigation and the investigation continues.”

Büyükkonuk Mayor Ahmet Sennaroğlu was called to the police station yesterday to make a statement. 

According to the information received by Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Yeniduzen’ from the Police Press Officer, Sennaroğlu was summoned by the police for investigation carried out by the Department of Combating Financial Crimes. It was alleged that the Mayor of Büyükkonuk was investigated within the scope of “Laundering Crime Revenues”; It was also learned that a search was made in the municipality and at the home of Mayor Sennaroğlu, and that a computer and documents were seized for examination. 

Kibris Postasi, Yeniduzen

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