Local Residents File Case Against Ministry Decision

North Cyprus News - Ali BağlarbasiThe Karaoğlanoğlu Residents’ Committee represented by Ali Bağlarbasi along with the Green Peace Movement filed an environmental case against the Council of Ministers and a ministry with the High Court Registrar’s Office, today.

In 2013, the Council of Ministers permitted the leasing of 15 acres of coastal land to a private company who intend to construct a hotel on the land.

Doğan Sahir, President of the Green Peace Movement, argued that the 100-metre-long coastal strip between Karaoğlanoğlu and Kyrenia, is publicly owned and that there can be no construction on that land, even if there is no “direct link to a public road” stipulated for any development, in Chapter 96 of the Tourism Development Act. The decision to green-light the project taken by the Ministry to lease the land to a private company for construction purposes contravened Constitutional law, he said.

Locals want the decision to be rescinded and the land added to a project to create a footpath, public park and sports ground.


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