Local Ukrainians Demonstrate Against Russian Aggression

Friday, 4 March, 2022.

North Cyprus News - Ukrainians Demo against Russia - 1 Ukrainians living in North Cyprus held a protest at the Gönyeli roundabout against Russia’s attempts to invade their country, Kibris Postasi reported.

The demonstrators, standing at the roundabout at around 8am today, unfurled banners with the words “Stop War”, “Save Ukraine” and “Ukraine, we are with you”. Passing motorists tooted their support. 

One demonstrator named Irina told Kibris Postasi that “The situation in Ukraine is very bad. But it’s not just Ukraine; I think of the whole world. War will harm the whole world.

People no longer have homes in Ukraine, only land remains”, Irina said, adding, “Our friends and families have been harmed. My family consists of 40 million people. All Ukraine is my family”, she said.

Another protester named Maria speaking to Kibris Postasi said, “I am neither Russian nor Ukrainian. I am Uzbek and against the war. All people should think like that. The war has never benefited anyone“, she said.

Kibris Postasi

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