Locals briefed on expansion of Ercan airport

A meeting was held between T&T Airport Company and the villagers of Degirmenlik villagers to brief them on the impact of enlarging Ercan airport.

Officials from T&T answered questions put by locals and civil society organisation representatives who also attended. General Manager of T&T Airport Administrator, Serhat Ozcelik said that the airport was unable to cope with the increasing passenger numbers and in order to improve the service they would be enlarging the airport.

The project includes a new terminal building, car parking area, fire services, new runway and apron, extension of the old runway and the construction of a new road and tunnel. This will increase the capacity to 5 million passengers, said Ozcelik.

He explained that the project would be carried out with care and consideration of the environment. Water and waste would be recycled and solar panels would provide energy.

Forestry engineer Dogan Gurgen, referring to the environmental aspects of the Project, said that whilst 31,000 trees would be felled for the sake of the Project, 25,000 would be protected. Felled trees would be replanted in other areas and a 60 hectare area of forest would be re-established.

Kibris Postasi

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