Locals Rebel Against New Buildings in Iskele

North Cyprus News - Construction - Building Site - Sealed

Sunday, 11 June 2023  

Residents of Kocatepe, have taken action against unplanned construction on what is known as EMU lands in Iskele.

Speaking on behalf of the residents of EMU Lands-Kocatepe, EMU Civil Engineering Faculty Faculty Member Prof. Mürüde Çelikağ read out a statement which said, inter alia, that the building company permitted to construct four apartment blocks consisting of 36 flats on 4.5 storeys did not begin construction within one and a half years of permission granted between 20/5/2019-19/11/2020, therefore the building company has lost its right to begin construction work.

On 2 November, 2022, the site was sealed off and all construction work was halted. 

Since then the municipal planning department has given permission for construction of the apartment blocks to resume, he said.

Professor Çelikağ went on to say that the value of land in Iskele was increasing, however, this naturally beautiful environment was being spoiled by construction, which had no infrastructure to support it. There was no sewage system he pointed out and only one road leading to the region. Building these apartments would increase traffic and pollute the environment, he said. The people of Kocatepe had chosen to live in the area because it was relatively uninhabited and they wanted it to stay that way.

In this region, the Ordinance rules allowed the construction of a building on two floors and on each plot, preventing intensive construction. The issue is not only multiple floors, but also flats and population density. It is seen that Kocatepe, which is far from the city and has a low building density, planned by the EMU Cooperative will also be transformed into a holiday zone with a project of 2.5 floors and 36 flats, which will be started by another construction company. This was not what was planned when the residents of Kocatepe settled in this area. This region is facing a serious environmental disaster with its infrastructure that is not sufficient for the existing formation, including the road leading to Kocatepe. Meanwhile, the municipality is far from correcting the existing deficiencies and is incapable of investing even the resources it receives from new projects in the region, this is disrespect to the society it serves, closing its doors and opening its doors to rent. In the face of this situation, we, the residents of the neighbourhood, declare to the public, through our esteemed members of the press, that we will fight in line with the law and will take legal action. We state that we will be happy to see environmentally sensitive organisations with us in our struggle”, Professor Çelikağ concluded.

In November, 2021, Yeniduzen published the following:  “The Economic Organisations Platform (EÖP) announced with great pleasure that the zoning plan, which was approved by the Magusa, Yeniboğaziçi and İskele municipal councils, was signed by Prime Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu and put into effect.

In the statement of the platform created by the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce, the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry, the Cyprus Turkish Construction Contractors Association and the Cyprus Turkish Hoteliers Association, contrary to the claims, the Famagusta-Yenibogaziçi-Pier Zoning Plan allows planned and predictable construction in the region, as well as working in this field. It was argued that it would protect businesses, life opportunities and the environment in the region”. [Ed.]


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