Locals stop environmental officers closing Karpaz bungalows

Attempts by Turkish Cypriot environmental protection officers to shut down two beach front holiday bungalow businesses on Golden Beach, were thwarted by local protesters.

Local residents had closed off the roads leading to the bungalows, which were fully occupied, to stop the officers enacting a court order to close the businesses

The owners of Burhan’s Bungalows and Teko’s place had been jailed for two months in April and were given two months to demolish the buildings which had been constructed on Golden Beach. The area is now under environmental protection and is on the EU’s NATURA 2000 list of protected sites.

However, both businesses had been given permission to build by the local authorities.

Head of Dipkarpaz council Suphi Kozkun, said that there was inconsistency in the law, which has permitted concrete structures to remain on beaches and coastlines.

The Karpaz is being treated as an experimental area, he said, keeping the area separate from the rest of the island.

Karpaz belongs to all of us, but unfortunately those in high places did not see it that way,” Kozkun said.

Burhan’s Bungalows owner, Burhan Kalin said he had been in the hospitality business for 24 years and had established his business long before it was decided that Golden Beach was to be designated a protected area.

I have brought visitors to the area without any subsidy or help from the authorities and I have paid my taxes. They will have to find another way as all the bungalows are full,” he said.

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