Lone voice supports economic package

There have been major expressions of disquiet against the economic package for 2013-2015, recently signed  between Turkey and the TRNC. Most of these have come from opposition political parties and the trade unions.

Now the lone voice of the TRNC’s Chamber of Commerce (KKTO) has come out in support of the package.

In a written statement issued yesterday, the KKTO says that it has examined the package proposals in detail and finds them satisfactory. They say that the package incorporates a number of points and submissions that it has made over the years including input from various NGO’s (non-governmental organisations). It pays special tribute to the measures for boosting the private sector.

While the KKTO welcomes the contents of the package, it anticipates a struggle with those who have vested interests, adding that it will do all it can to help the government carry through the changes.

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