Long-needed road waits for military approval

A desperately need road connecting the border village of Akincilar/Louroujina to Haspolat (Nicosia district) is waiting on a decision by the military, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Yeni Duzen’ reports.

Minister of Public Works and Communications, Ahmet Kasif has said that the efforts to construct the road route between of Akincilar which lies on the southernmost reaches of the TRNC border and Haspolat are continuing. The minister added that they have had meetings about the road with the Turkish army units and the ministry is waiting for a written response from the military, in order to be able to submit the project to the Project and Planning directorate.

Kasif said that it is not possible to give an exact date for when the works would will begin, but they hope to start as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the mayor of the village of Akincilar, Hasan Barbaros said that the inhabitants of the village have been waiting for 40 years for this road. Noting that they have difficulties due to the lack of a road, Barbaros said: “We, as everyone, want to reach our homes easily without going through military areas.”

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