Long Queues for Turkish Voters in Nicosia

There were long queues again in front of the only polling station in North Nicosia on the last day of the three-day-voting for the presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey. Turkish mainlanders will go to the polls on Sunday 24 June.

Voters in Nicosia complained at the discomfort and inconvenience of having only one polling station where they could vote.

There are 106,530 registered Turkish voters in North Cyprus, Ertugrul Demirci, secretary at the Turkish Embassy in North Nicosia said.

Replying to complaints there was only one polling station, Demirci said it was easier to maintain security if there was just one polling station to monitor. He added that he was satisfied with the turnout for the elections.

Meanwhile, Bayrak television broadcast that according to the unofficial results from the Turkish Supreme Election Council (YSK), 42,812 out of the 106,446 registered Turkish voters voted in North Cyprus.

Kibris, BRT

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