Lorry driver who killed two school children in a road accident in court today

The lorry driver who was responsible for the deaths of three people in a traffic accident on the Kyrenia mountain road last November, appeared in court today.

Police Inspector Muavini Guney who made a statement in court about the accident and the ensuing investigation has asked for 25 year old Safa Gungor, to remain in custody for a further three days.

According to Cyprus Weekly, the defendant faces 16 charges including manslaughter due to negligence, reckless driving and driving a heavy vehicle without the appropriate licence.

The hearing was adjourned until 24 March by request of the defendant’s legal representative.

The prosecutor has said that Gungor, who will be tried at the Criminal High Court, is likely to receive a seven year jail sentence.

Early on November 29, last year, Gungor allowed the lorry he was driving to veer across the Degirmenlik-Kyrenia highway. His vehicle struck a school bus, killing the driver and two schoolgirls. He injured another seven children who were also on board. Four of the victims remained in intensive care for a number of weeks.

Gungor’s lawyer did not object to the 3-day detention demanded by the police, but asked that the investigation be completed as soon as possible and the defendant be released on bail.

Havadis, Cyprus Weekly

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