Lukewarm congratulations for Kucuk from Bozat

President of the Municipal Workers Union, Savas Bozat gave a press statement today.

He says that he is glad that the UBP elections are finally over, as they have held up government work for months. He is also glad that the Prime Minister is aware of the chaos and hardship in the country and has given his word to rectify it.

Mr Kucuk is responsible for sorting out the issues related to Nicosia Council until a new mayor and councillors are elected. The Nicosia council workers have not yet received their 2012 13th month salary or their wages for January and February. This is a legacy left from the last UBP mayor. In addition there have been no social security payments made for years.

Despite all this, Nicosia council workers are doing their jobs. Even when they did receive their salaries, these workers found it hard to survive month to month, so can Mr Kucuk imagine how those 950 employees and their families are struggling now?

Mr Bozat concludes by saying that the Prime Minister needs to fulfil his obligations and responsibilities or face the consequences.

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