Mainland teachers filling local teaching posts

Members of the Cyprus Theology Graduates Association, have reacted to the employment of 32 teachers from Turkey in the field of theology in the TRNC, in spite of the fact that there are 40 persons in North Cyprus who are already qualified in this field.

Ismail Hakki, Salih Tugay and Emre Ozkan, who are members of the graduates’ association said that they do not understand why teachers are brought from Turkey, in spite of the fact that there are sufficiently qualified teachers already present in North Cyprus.

Ozkan told Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis that in 2016, a teaching post had become vacant in the TRNC and Turkey had asked for the return of the candidate who came first in the exam because he was suspected of being a member of Fethullah Gulen organization (FETO). He said that in order to avoid repetition of such events, graduates who are TRNC citizens should be given a chance.

Tugay said that the appointments in the TRNC’s religious affairs department are made by Turkey and added that theology graduates in North Cyprus are not put to good use. “Why are we being educated”, he wondered.


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