Major cash boost for tourism in Lefke

Millions of Euros are scheduled for investment in the Lefke-Gemikonagi area of the island. British investors will be ploughing 40 million Euros in the construction of a new marina, hotel and resort. They may also create a golf course on the seafront near the Cengiz Topel Hospital. An area of 60 donums has already been reserved for this purpose.

Dervis Besimler, Director of the Cyprus Turkish Investment Development Agency (YAGA) has said that recent campaigns abroad have been aimed at attracting foreign investment. These now include Swedish and Norwegian investors who have plans to develop health tourism with a proposed investment of 60 million euros.

The Lefke-Gemikonagi area has suffered years of underinvestment. However, first stage plans have been submitted by both investing groups. When finalised plans are in place, they will then need to apply for planning permission


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