Major Legal Battle Ahead for GC Properties in Iskele

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Greeks Cypriots who own immovable property in Iskele have filed a complaint with the police on the grounds that their properties were “illegally evaluated” by foreign nationals, and together with the Greek Cypriot Government, they were preparing for a legal battle on the basis of the legal decision given in the Apostolidis-Orams case, Kibris Postasi reports.

According to Greek Cypriot daily ‘Politis’, the Greek Cypriot administration is concerned about the “illegal and uncontrollable developments”, that have taken place on Greek properties in Iskele in recent years.

Stating that a group of Greek Cypriots had complained to the police that their properties in Iskele were “usurped” by foreign nationals, the newspaper wrote that these people, together with the Greek Cypriot government, were preparing for a major legal battle on the basis of the Orams case and the process following this case.

The newspaper wrote that, along with the initial complaints, the authorities, through the Land Registry Office, had determined who owned the lands in Iskele, on which luxury hotels, apartments and detached houses were built by Israeli businessman Yaacov Afik (Jack).

The police also contacted the owners and questioned whether there was any sale/transfer transaction for these properties or whether any transactions were made through the Immovable Property Commission, Politis wrote.

Reportedly, the majority of the people contacted by the police declared that the construction on their properties was done “illegally, without their consent“.

These acts threaten to expose the Israeli Government to this issue. 

The newspaper included the contents of the website of the company owned by Yaacov Afik; He wrote that “Caesar Resort” in Iskele was introduced as “Heaven in Iskele” and that 5,000 of the total 5,700 settlements had already been sold.

Pointing out that Afik has houses and apartments in Dipkarpaz, Esentepe, İskele Boğazı and Tatlısu as well as Iskele, the newspaper noted that its website has Russian, German, Hebrew, Persian and Turkish language options for the convenience of buyers.

It was reported that it was likely Greek Cypriots who own property in different areas of North Cyprus were also likely to begin legal proceedings depending on the progress of the first legal actions.

The Israeli property developer Yaacov Afik, who had a residence permit in South Cyprus until 2020, has been missing for several months, and had not been seen in South Cyprus for some time.

It was stated that Afik may be called upon by the Greek Cypriot police to account for the developments on Greek Cypriot land in the TRNC which he has already completed.

According to an interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on the “ANT1” channel before his visit to South Cyprus in September, he said that his government did not impose any political restrictions on Israeli businessmen and that they could go wherever they wanted in the world and make the investments they wanted.

Kibris Postasi

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