Major protests & rally planned

The largest union rally so far against Nicosia Council will take place on Wednesday 14th November.

BES, the municipal workers union who have promised to continue their strike will be supported by
28 other unions and political parties.

As before, BES are striking for the right to be paid their salaries on time and to have a backlog of
unpaid national insurance contributions deposited. They will be calling again for the resignation of Nicosia mayor, Cemal Bulutoglulari.

The head of BES, Savas Bozat, has rejected the latest offer from Nicosia Council saying that they
were not credible and that the Union had been tricked into returning  to work once before with
promises that were quickly broken.

Prime Minister Kucuk has also taken a strong line. He has stated that the Union, having rejected
the latest proposals made by Nicosia Council, are going against the interests of their members and
wish to continue punishing Nicosia citizens. In his written statement, Kucuk went on to say that the
government had a wide range of measures available to it and would not hesitate to act, although he didn’t detail what these might include.

He appealed directly to council employees to return to work on Monday.

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