Majority Crossing Border are GCs, Brits and Greeks

During the first five months of 2019, 1,636,402 foreigners have crossed over to North Cyprus using a number of entry points, while during the same period, 155,525 people used either Ercan airport or ferry.

The majority of foreigners who used the entry points in North Cyprus are Greek Cypriots, British and Greeks. In addition, tourists mostly Germans, British and French had used either Ercan airport of marine transportation.

Following are the numbers of people who entered and exited North Cyprus from various crossing points:

Greek Cypriots 886,281

UK nationals 148, 605

Greece nationals 76, 191

Turkish Cypriots coming from the UK 18, 826

Germany nationals 50,367

Romania nationals 55,391

USA nationals 9,814

China nationals 4,031

France nationals 20,632

Number of passengers who entered or exited North Cyprus using Ercan airport or by ferry:

Greek Cypriots –

UK nationals 11,105

Greece nationals 617

Turkish Cypriots coming from the UK 5,192

Germany nationals 27,282

Romania nationals 495

USA nationals 1,367

China nationals 737

France nationals 9,486

Yeni Duzen

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