Majority in TRNC Do Not See Federation as Viable

According to a survey launched by the Ministry of Economy, the majority of the people living in the TRNC believe that federation is not possible as a solution of the Cyprus problem.

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In response to a question about how possible was the implementation of a federal solution, 32.1% replied “definitely not possible”, 25.1% replied “not possible”, 16.6% replied “I do not know if it is possible”, 21% replied “it is possible”, 4.4% “definitely is possible” and 0.8% did not reply at all.

Asked about their first choice for a solution of the Cyprus problem, the replies were as follows: “Unite under the Republic of Cyprus” 5.6%, “federal Cyprus consisting of two founding provinces” 17.3%, “I have no opinion for the solution model” 16.4%, “federal solution consisting of two founding states” 28.7%, “recognised independent TRNC” 29.5%, “no answer” 2.6%.

Asked which place they consider to be their country, the participants in the research stated: “The whole of Cyprus” 23.8%, “TRNC” 40.8%, “Turkey” 3.9%, “TRNC and Turkey” 31.5%.

Respondents were asked about their opinion on the EU. They replied as follows: “It is a union that we should be a part of” 45.8%, “It will be good to become part of it but I have some doubts” 23.7%, “It is not obligatory to become part of it” 9.4%, “we must definitely become part of it” 18%, “I have no opinion” 3.1%.


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