Majority of Turkish Cypriots want reunification poll shows

The vast majority of Turkish Cypriots in North Cyprus want reunification, according to a poll carried out by the Centre for Migration, Identity and Rights Studies (CMIRS).

The poll, which had gathered a random sample of around 500 people, was published on Thursday and has recorded the percentage of pro-reunification respondents being as high as 67.4%.

The remainder, around 32% said they don’t want a solution to the protracted Cyprus problem that much or not at all.

Similarly to a poll taken last year by CMIRS, Turkish Cypriots say the bad economy is their biggest problem.

Around 40% said they are faced with dire financial difficulties, only 15% are comfortable enough and 69.8% believe the economy has worsened over the past couple of years.

The CMRIS is a think tank whose work involves measuring Turkish Cypriot happiness levels and perceptions on key social and political issues.

Cyprus Weekly

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