Make haste slowly in the Cyprus negotiations

Turkish ambassador to North Cyprus Derya Kanbay, during his visit with former Turkish Cypriot President Dervis Eroglu said to beware of rushing the negotiations. If something of importance is overlooked by being too hasty, this could create problems in the future.

Speaking during the meeting, Kanbay referred to the Cyprus negotiation and stated, inter alia: “The negotiation process should be carried out without losing further time but in a framework of a logical calendar; still if this is done under pressure, some things might be overlooked and difficulties may occur”.

He added that if they attempt to bargain the individual’s rights and the title deeds as if they were in the fruit market, then this job will become more difficult and more complicated.

Stating that the existence of two separate territories is a reality, two separate nations and two separate states in the island, Kanbay added: “These states can live side by side under a federal structure, and they could speak with one voice about some issues in the international arena. If a federal state is formed with this structure, then perhaps this could be considered a success”, Kanbay stated.

Also speaking, Eroglu congratulated Kanbay for his new post and wished him success in his new duties, supporting that he undertook duties in Cyprus in a period during which the Cyprus negotiations are intensified and hopes for the solution have been raised.

Stating that the Turkish Cypriot side should be very careful in order for the bi-zonality and the two people not to be diluted, Eroglu added that the two states to form the federal state should have equal status.

Agreeing that the presence of an EU official at the negotiation talks was debatable, Eroglu said: “While I was in power, such a proposal was made but we did not accept it. If we wanted consultations, we were calling on our authorities and we were exchanging views. The presence of an EU official at the negotiation table is objectionable for us”, Eroglu added.


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