‘Make Them Smile This Bayram’

SOS Children’s Village has launched its Kurban Bayram (Greater Eid) campaign, calling on donations during the month of Kurban to support its family based care and advocacy work.

With the slogan, ‘Make Them Smile This Bayram’, SOS Children’s Village appeals for help from the public to help give children who have lost family care a warm loving family home, and a chance to grow up as a healthy and happy adult.

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As well as providing children with a loving home and family based care, SOS Children’s Village also aims to prevent the separation of children from their biological parents and increase their quality of life with the Prevention of Child Abandonment and Family Strengthening Project. These projects can only be possible with the support of the public.

SOS Children’s Village National Director Refika İnce, said:

“The best thing we can do to make children happy is to create an example by social solidarity and helping each other.

“To this end, this time of love and togetherness during the Bayram period provides a great opportunity to create such an example.

“By making a donation to SOS Children’s Village during Kurban Bayram we can reinforce those feelings of love and sharing and make our children happy,” she said, adding the smallest donation can go a long way towards changing a child’s life.

Today, SOS Children’s Village currently gives family based care and family strengthening services to 262 children, thanks to its on-going programmes.

How Can I Donate?

  • Online Donation – to make a quick, easy and secure online donation with a credit or debit card, you can visit www.soscocukkoyu.org and fill out the online donation form.
  • Bank Donation: You can deposit your donation into our accounts at your nearest branches of the following banks:

Türk Bankası Ltd. TL: 015848733 – STG: 7092674

Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bankası TL: 600318 – STG: 700694 – Euro: 74007

Kıbrıs Türk Kooperatif Merkez Bankası Ltd. TL: 285258

Creditwest Bankası TL: 15304685


SOS Children’s Village wishes everyone a Happy Kurban Bayram.

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