Man accused of assault on wife remains in custody

Violence against women is on the rise in the TRNC and now cases like the one below are beginning to appear in courts more frequently.

Selahattin Yucel has been divorced from his ex-wife Seher Yucel for three years now. When she recently refused him access to their seven year old son, he became violent.

On April 1st at 8.30 in the evening, he went to see his ex-wife at her house. There he ended up holding her by the throat and banging her head against a wall. Neighbours called the police who intervened and saved her from further injury.

Seher was taken to hospital and has since been released.

Yucel was in Famagusta Criminal Court yesterday where it emerged that his ex-wife had complained to the Social Services Department of a serious assault by her ex-husband, who had threatened to kill her if she went to the police.

Police asked that he be held in custody until his court date. They said that he had previously crossed the border into South Cyprus and might well do so again.

Judge Banu Soyer said that this was a serious crime that could lead to 3 years imprisonment.

He ordered that Yucel be held for 20 days.

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