Man arrested for FETO links freed on a technicality

A man who was arrested by the TRNC police on that grounds that he is a member of the FETO terrorist organisation has been released. The court ruled that proper procedures had not been followed.

‘Kibris’ reports that Ihami Erdem, was brought in front of the court by the local police, who requested a custodial order at the Central Prison until he is deported to Turkey.

However, his lawyer Baris Mamali, stated that the demand for his deportation should have been issued through diplomatic channels and not through the chief of police. Therefore, the court ruled that the suspect could be set free.

In addition, ‘Haberdar’ newspaper reports that investigations continue for Osman Adsiz (main photo) and Selcuk Genc who were arrested in North Cyprus as part of the ongoing investigations into persons or organisations that are involved in the FETO organisation.

According to the paper, there are 30 organisations that belong to FETO in the TRNC and information on these was found on the computers of the two suspects. Osman Adsiz is believed to be the co-ordinator of those groups. Additionally, documents, books and leaflets relating to FETO were found in the possession of both men and were seized.

Police found a Bylock app. downloaded onto Ozman Adsiz’ computer. The Bylock app is used to encrypt messages sent by members of FETO. However, his mobile was not found by the police.

Kibris, Haberdar

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