Man Arrested For Insulting Tatar on Social Media

İbrahim Büyükarslan
[İbrahim Büyükarslan]
Wednesday, 1 March 2023 

A man was arrested at Ercan Airport, charged with insulting President Ersin Tatar on social media, Havadis Kibris reports.

İbrahim Büyükarslan, who was arrested upon entry into North Cyprus from the UK, had on 2 June, 2022, posted a photo of President Ersin Tatar with the following text: 

This man is crazy and he should be put in a straitjacket and kept away from people”. 

Büyükarslan has appeared in court charged with broadcasting with malicious intent.

The police stated that following his arrest, Büyükarslan admitted that the Facebook account was his and that he had posted the comment.

It was reported that the text of his post was taken to two universities for assessment by language and literature experts.

The police said that the investigation against the suspect has been completed. They stated that the suspect was a TRNC citizen and demanded that he be given suitable security until the case was heard.

His lawyer, Mine Atlı, argued that the comment in question was disseminated within the scope of freedom of expression.

Evaluating the testimony Judge Nil Elodie Çeliker stated that the suspect was banned from going abroad. He was ordered to sign in at a police station once a week and had to sign a bail bond of 5,000 TL. Additionally one guarantor from the TRNC had to sign a bail bond worth 100,000 TL 

Havadis Kibris

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