Man Arrested For Shooting Pedestrian On Main Road

North Cyprus News - police arrestTwo young men walking along the Kyrenia-Güzelyurt main road were involved in a shooting incident today, Kibris Postasi reported.

The two men, one only identified with the initials B.I. aged 21 and the other identified as B.Z.U. aged 19, were walking along the road when a vehicle drew up and a man got out of the car and fired a shot.

The young man identified as B.I. was badly injured after he received a shot to his calf. He was taken to Nicosia State Hospital and is currently being treated in the Orthopedic department.

The reports says that a 63-year-old man with the initials O.Ö. was arrested by the police.

The police have taken the weapon and vehicle used in the shooting as evidence and are continuing their investigations into the shooting.

Kibris Postasi

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