Man Arrested for Theft After Losing 20,000TL at Casinos

North Cyprus News - Soner Aydas 2A Turkish national has been remanded in custody for three days after stealing cash and a wristwatch from a locker at the Acapulco SPA Hotel in Çatalköy and breaking into a house in Ozanköy stealing cash and jewellery.

Speaking in his own defence in court on Sunday, Soner Aydaş said that he lost 20,000 TL gambling at the casinos and needed money to return home.

Aydaş stole cash and a Rolex wristwatch belonging to a British tourist from the hotel locker and also broke into the house of an elderly British resident in Ozanköy, stealing an Apple laptop, jewellery worth 20,000TL and 10,000TL in cash after breaking open a cash box.


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