Man arrested for threatening flight safety

A man was arrested by police yesterday, accused of deliberately aiming a high powered laser light at two separate airplanes, early yesterday morning.

The man, Yunsal Gunsev residing in Beyarmudu village, has a record of people smuggling and illegal meat importing.

At a court hearing at Famagusta yesterday, police stated that Mr Gunsev aimed his laser light at two aircraft from the front balcony of his house between 1am and 1.10 am.

The Turkish Airlines Ankara – Ercan and Onur Air Trabzon – Ercan airplanes were both targeted.

The pilots reported the incident to Ercan control tower and police were sent from the nearest station to arrest Mr Gunsev.

He also aimed his laser light at a passing motorist who promptly reported him to the police.

The chief prosecutor claimed that hundreds of passenger lives were put at risk and that this crime carried a maximum penalty of seven years.

Mr Gunsev is out on TL25,000 bail until a court date is set for his trial. His travel documents have also been confiscated.

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