Man finds maggots in chocolate bar

A man purchased a Turkish brand chocolate bar at a small store in Guzelyurt. When he unwrapped the packaging, he was horrified to see live maggots in the chocolate.

Erol Mustafa 72, attempted to alert the authorities but could not believe their responses.

He initially called 171 the Consumer Help line. They transferred him to the Health Ministry. From there he was referred to the Health Department of Guzelyurt. They pointed him at the Commerce Office, who he contacted. They told him that they could fine the shop keeper if the expiry date had been passed but not for worms. Instead he was sent back to the Ministry of Health.

From there Mr Mustafa was passed on to the Office of Animal Husbandry and then eventually to the Department of Veterinary Medicine who said it was not their responsibility. At that stage he gave up.

Mr Mustafa had previously been a resident in the UK for 40 years and said that this run-around would never have happened there.

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