Man Confesses to Murder of Solomos Apostolides

A Turkish man in his early twenties, suspected of the murder of Greek Cypriot Solomos Apostolides (65) has handed himself in to the police in Yalova Cinarcik, Turkey.

Solomos Apostolides who had been reported missing on 29 March by his family, was known to have crossed the border into the TRNC at the Bostanci crossing. His brother claimed that he would regularly cross the border into the north and visit a casino in company with another man. Mr. Apostolides car was discovered last Saturday 31 March, still containing his wallet, identity car and cash.

His body had been found in a wooded area near Arapkoy, 400 metres from the Kyrenia-Degirmenlik mountain road on Friday April 6. A port-mortem determined that he died from a heavy blow to the head which caused cerebral haemorrhage. There were also burn marks on his body and clothing. Members of Apostolides family came to Lefkoşa State Hospital to identify his body.

The murder victim had been seen in the company of Turkish national Erdinc Şenturk. Şenturk left the island on Saturday 31 March for Turkey. He since then confessed to the murder and was arrested by the Turkish police.

Yeni Duzen, Kibris

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