Man on ‘most wanted’ list arrested

Ibrahim Ozyuksel, hunted by police for two years, has been arrested.  He was wanted for a string of crimes including theft, drug dealing and smuggling.

Ozyuksel, nickname ‘Kochero’, was finally captured by police two days ago, after being ambushed by Nicosia police following a tip off.

His last known crime was in February 2012 when he broke into a house and managed to open the safe there, stealing a revolver and many items of valuable jewellery.

On arrest, he was found to be carrying false identity papers in the name of Murat Omursel, but bearing his photograph.

During his court hearing yesterday, police testified that he had an accomplice, who was yet to be found.

Ozyuksel was ordered to be held in custody for two days while police investigations continue.

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