Manager denies hotel sewage polluting sea

Vice Chairman of the Cyprus Hoteliers’ Association (KITOB) and General Manager of Merit Crystal Cove Hotel, Ercan Turhan, has denied press reports that the hotel is discharging untreated sewage into the sea.

In a written statement, Turhan urged the press members to give him the evidence of such activities and not to make unfounded allegations on the subject.

Touristic facilities costing $ 100 million dollars do not siphon sewage into the sea, that would be shooting itself in the foot. The hotel has its own treatment plant and as it is all over the world, the legal permits related to these facilities are granted by the related government offices (Environment Office),” Turhan said.

The treated waste-water from the treatment plant is primarily used for irrigation, such as garden irrigation and the unused excess is conducted 600 meters away from the shoreline in order to keep the deep discharge permit. This discharged water is purified water and does not contain any pollution. Every month samples taken from this water are regularly analysed in state laboratories”, the statement concluded.

Yeni Duzen

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