Man’s Legs Fractured in Workplace Mishap

North Cyprus News - Ambulance

In an incident classified as a “workplace accident” in Kyrenia, a man suffered fractures to both legs, Yeniduzen reports, 

According to a police report, on Friday, outside the premises of “Neo Park,” on Şehit İsmet Dülger Street in Kyrenia, an unfortunate event occurred. During the unloading of sports equipment from a vehicle’s trailer by Hüseyin Çetin, aged 38, an unexpected malfunction in the braking mechanism caused the vehicle to unexpectedly roll backward. Reacting swiftly, Hüseyin Çetin leaped from the vehicle but sustained injuries in the process.

The reversing vehicle collided with a privately owned car, sensor-equipped barriers, and a stone wall within the park confines before coming to a halt. 

Following medical attention at Dr. Akçiçek State Hospital in Kyrenia, where treatment for leg fractures was administered, Hüseyin Çetin was discharged.


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