Many TRNC politicians to attend Clerides funeral

A funeral is being held today (Tuesday) for ex-Greek Cypriot President Glafcos Clerides, who died on 15th November.

The funeral will begin at 11 am, at the church of Aya Sofya and will be attended by many leading figures from the TRNC.

A good friend of his, Asim Akansoy, the General Secretary of the CTP party will be there as well as the old head of the CP and ex-Prime Minister Ferdi Soyer.

The Denktash family will be represented by a son and sister. In addition leading figures from the other parties will also attend the funeral.

The current Greek Cypriot President, Nicos Anastasiades will read the oration at the funeral and there will be many dignitaries from mainland Greece also attending, including the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.

Glafcos Clerides held the Greek Cypriot presidency over two consecutive terms from 1993 – 2003.

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