Many TRNC pools and beaches have no lifeguards

A large number of hotels and swimming pools in the TRNC fail to employ lifeguards, despite there being a legal obligation to do so. In some cases where establishments do employ lifeguards, many of them do not have the required certification. In order to address the issue, 15 lifeguards are being trained to work in the sector, but it seems that this summer, protection will still be lacking at many beaches and pools.

Speaking to Eniz Orakçıoğlu of Kıbrıs Postası on the issue, the Kyrenia District Governor Mehmet Envergil said that he was not convinced municipalities were carrying out necessary inspection at the beaches. “We have given our warnings to the municipalities. This is a serious issue, we advise people to opt for establishments where there is a certified lifeguard on board”, said Envergil.

According to Famagusta District Governor Çolakoğlu, compared to last year there are more lifeguards working in the sector this year. He also urged the businesses in the sector to make efforts to have lifeguards on duty.

Elsewhere, District Governors of İskele and Güzelyurt said that in their regions no beach or pool will be left without lifeguards.

Kibris Postasi

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