Maras is not a precondition for negotiations: Ozgurgun

Recently appointed UBP party leader, Huseyin Ozgurgun, says that Varosha/Maras is a coherent part of the solution to the Cyprus problem and cannot be a precondition for negotiations, adding that this was a means of sabotaging the settlement talks.

Ozgurgun, in his written statement, said that a lasting and just solution to the Cyprus issue has been the target for close to half a century of negotiations; the Greek Cypriot side have demonstrated unwillingness and insincerity a variety of ways.

Talks were suspended due to the presidential elections held in South Cyprus and are expected to start in October. Ahead of negotiations, the Greek Cypriot side, is clearly exhibiting a lack of good intention, Ozgurgun said.

TRNC President Eroglu has made clear his unwillingness to give up Maras prior to negotiations.


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