March Held Demanding Reunification Of Cyprus

North Cyprus News - March - Demanding Reunification - Cyprus Turkish and Greek Cypriots marched to the border checkpoint at Derinya on Sunday morning, demanding the reunification of Cyprus, Yeniduzen reported.

‘This Country is Ours Platform’, which was joined by a number of political parties and organisations from the north, was organised by Greek Cypriot political party AKEL.

Thousands of people from the south, young and old, participated in the action shouting “Peace cannot be prevented in Cyprus“.

As the march ended at the Derinya crossing point, the participants who came to the area were greeted with greeting speeches. In the speeches made in both Turkish and Greek languages, DEV-İŞ Chairman Koral Aşam, European Parliament Left Group Co-chairman Martin Schirdewan and AKEL MK General Secretary Stefanos Stefanu addressed the gathering on behalf of ‘This Country is Our Platform’.

The Bi-Communal United Initiative issued a joint statement at the event held to once again proclaim their vision of a solution to the Cyprus problem.

At the end of the march, a concert was held and marchers joined in with the singing.



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