Marchers Protest At Outside Interference In Elections

North Cyprus News - Mustafa - Meral - Akinci - MarchOver 3,000 people took part in the march for Democracy and Will on Tuesday evening.

The march which began in Dereboyu ended with a rally in İnönü Square. 

Marchers chanted the slogans “Unity, Struggle, Solidarity”, “Cyprus is Secular, We Remain Secular”, “Freedom Not Allegiance”, “Self-Determination Not Intervention”, “Democracy for All”.

Thousands of people shouted “Freedom, not allegiance” in İnönü Square.

Gülşen Erçin and Orhan Erören made speeches on behalf of the Democracy and Will Platform.

Also in attendance were former President Mustafa Akinci and his wife Meral. 

The march was organised in protest at the perceived external political interventions in the presidential elections won by Ersin Tatar who narrowly defeated the incumbent Mustafa Akinci.


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